Window Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

The weather here in Massachusetts is already teasing us with the humidity and significant invasions. Now is a great time to get your windows prepared before Summer hits, here are some helpful tips to get yourself started.

1. Check Weather Stripping. Commonly used to cover small holes and insulate space between the window sash and window pane. However, no matter how durable the material is, it will eventually deteriorate therefore can cause a leak and will decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

2. Check Window Caulking. Like weather stripping, window caulking helps build a barrier between your windows and exterior, which helps improves the indoor air comfort, but it also deteriorates in the long run which can ultimately cost you more if not replaced right away.

3. Clean the Windows. In time, dirt and debris can wear down the surface of your windows and decreases its lifespan from weakened glass that becomes fragile and can easily shatter. Start your spring cleaning today to prevent any further damages.

4. Check for Drafts and Leaks. Do you feel any draft as you walk past your windows? Or even worse see water dripping down the windows from the rain? If so, you will need to replace them right away! Excess moisture can lead to more damages to the wood and cause it to rot and develop mold around it. Have your local replacement window contractor to inspect any further damages

5. Check for Window Hardware. It’s relatively simple to know, but not many homeowners pay much attention to. Safety is vital in case of an emergency like fire so make sure your windows opens and closes properly, and any loose handles should be replaced.

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