Vinyl vs Wood Windows

Wood Plastic Vinyl Window

While windows have always historically been constructed of wood, windows built with vinyl have become increasingly popular as the technology has become more available. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between wood & vinyl windows, keep reading our blog for more information!


One of the major points of competition between wood & vinyl windows is their aesthetics. When it comes to the aesthetic benefits, most homeowners will tell you that they prefer the look of traditional wooden windows. While vinyl windows don’t look bad, they are generally a solid color, with no wood grain or other eye-catching features. Wooden windows, on the other hand, provide your home with the beauty of natural wood on the interior, while still offering you the option to coat the exterior of your window in more weather-resistant vinyl. If you’re looking for a window that will boost your home’s resale value, wooden windows are the way to go.


Another important factor in deciding which material is better is the insulation value of each material. While vinyl windows offer insulation from the elements, they are often hollow which significantly reduces their energy efficiency. With solid wood windows, it is very difficult for the heat or cold to be transmitted through the material. You can see this effect for yourself by putting your hand by your window frames on a cold day. You’ll notice that the frame of the window is just about room temperature because wood insulates so well!


When it comes to affordability, vinyl is the cheaper, and more readily accessible option. Vinyl windows are, on average, roughly 25% cheaper than wooden windows. If you’re looking to replace your home’s windows on a budget, vinyl will be the more affordable option!


If you’re looking for a window option that you can install and never need to worry about again, vinyl is the best option. While wood windows will need to periodically be painted or resealed, vinyl windows require no maintenance after insulation unless there is a significant malfunction with the material. Factory painted vinyl windows will last for decades as long as you do a bit of bare minimum maintenance like washing away mildew from the windows.

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