Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Old Window Frames

Your windows are a very important portion of your home’s exterior, but they are often overlooked in comparison to your siding and roof. However, they serve a number of benefits, including allowing light and ventilation into your home, as well as boosting your home’s curb appeal. Furthermore, because they are fitted into openings in your home’s walls, it is essential that they are energy efficient and keep your home sealed no matter what the weather is like outdoors. Therefore, it is important to keep stock of your windows and replace them when needed! If your curious to learn how you can identify whether your windows need to be replaced, take a look at our blog to learn more!

You Can Feel A Draft As You Walk By

Depending on the season, this could be a burst of warm or cold air, but if you feel a difference in temperature as you’re walking by your windows, this is a clear sign that the seal has failed and your window is leaking air. Leaking windows can significantly decrease your home’s energy efficiency and increase your energy bills which means it is important to ensure that your windows are kept in good repair!

Noise Pollution

Another sign that your windows are failing is when you can clearly hear the cars driving up and down the street and not a single window is open in your home. Old windows have poor seals which can significantly contribute to noise pollution. Furthermore, having old single-pane windows can also significantly increase the amount of noise pollution your home is exposed to.

Difficult to Open or Close

Another sign that your windows need to be replaced is when it becomes difficult to operate the windows. If you find that your windows are sticking in their tracks and it is difficult to open or close them, that is another sign that your windows need to be replaced!

The Frames Are Rotting, Cracking, or Peeling

If your window frames are beginning to deteriorate, it is important to have them replaced before they begin to damage your home or detract from the beauty of your home’s exterior. Window frames can decay in a variety of ways, including something as minor as peeling paint, or as major as the frame crumbling away from water damage. If your frames are deteriorating, have your windows replaced as soon as possible!

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