Signs Its Time To Replace Your Hardwood Floors

Old Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, it can often be difficult to tell whether the boards need to be replaced! It depends on a variety of factors including climate, use, maintenance, and more! If you’re interested in learning more about the signs your floors need to be replaced that you may have missed, keep reading below for more information!

Creaky, Moving Floorboards

The first sign you may want to think about replacing your floors is when your floorboards are moving and creaking! If your floorboards are creaking it generally means one or two things; either your floor has aged, or the boards are rubbing together as part of a structural issue. Either way, creaky floorboards are worth taking a look into, as you may find other evidence of damage as you being to dig!

Discolored Wood

Another reason you may want to consider replacing your floorboards is that wood is discolored and worn. UV rays can discolor your floorboards, as can wear and tear, or cleaning products. If your floorboards are discolored, that means they have been exposed to some kind of damage, and it is worth considering a replacement!

You’ve Refinished The Floors More Than Once

Another reason to consider replacing your hardwood floors is that you’ve already refinished them multiple times! One of the greatest benefits of hardwood flooring is that you have the opportunity to refinish the boards, allowing you to easily repair minor damage, or redesign your home with a new color. However, if you’ve already refinished your floorboards a couple of times, you likely won’t have much more board to sand back and refinish. Eventually, this will cause the boards to break as they will be too brittle and weak. Be sure to replace your floorboards after a couple of refinishes!

Water Damage

Lastly, if you find any signs of water damage, particularly water damage that didn’t occur from you spilling something onto the floor. If your floorboards are showing signs of water damage, you could have a leak somewhere in your home, which could damage your floorboards today, and your home’s structure tomorrow! Even if the water damage is localized due to a spill, replacing the floorboards will help make your home more beautiful!

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