How to Avoid Common Kitchen Mistakes

No matter who is designing the kitchen, it all falls down to the same concern for contractors. Not understanding the kitchen design basics can cause trouble when remodeling your kitchen. Quality Interior Finishing has come up with these common mistakes homeowners make when remodeling your own kitchen.

Ignoring the kitchen triangle. “The work triangle – sink, refrigerator, and stove”. Convenience is key to having an efficient kitchen. You should be aiming to keep all work stations near the cook not walking all the way around the island to grab something out of the refrigerator. The triangle should be respected and carefully designed.

Forgetting about function. People get too eager to finish up their project that they forget to test out other functions first. A common mistake we often see is homeowners buying a refrigerator that opens the wrong side and clashes with their cabinets.

Not keeping up with the times. Upgrading your kitchen is a big investment, you want to make sure that the room looks clean and modernized. If you have anything that is 10 years or older that is clashing with your kitchen, it’s time to remove it. Nobody wants to see a beautiful kitchen ruined by a half working stove. It just takes away all the effort been put into the kitchen.

Not being prepared with the unexpected cost. We get it. You’re already investing big in the kitchen, you want everything to be right so you will be all set for the future. We recommend overestimating everything that you plan to buy, that way, if you are below the budget, you will have the money to spend on small appliances that may need an upgrade.

Remodeling a kitchen can be stressful. An advice we always like to share with our clients is to make a list of wants and must have. This way you can break down what you really need that is within your budget. For more information about our services please feel free to get in touch and contact us at (781) 344-2433.

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