Vinyl Siding

Longest Lasting Siding Materials

Your home’s siding is one of the most important pieces of your home’s exterior. It offers a number of benefits for your home’s exterior, including protection from the elements & pests, curb appeal and resale value, and even insulation for your home’s exterior. It is also a major investment, which means every homeowner wants to get the most bang for their buck by installing a long-lasting siding material. That’s why our team has put together a blog examining which siding materials have the longest lifespans! Take a look below to learn more!

Vinyl Siding

To begin, let’s discuss the most popular siding material in North America, vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is renowned by homeowners and contractors alike for its durability, ease of installation, customization options, and economical price-point. But how long does it truly last?

Simply put, there is a reason that vinyl siding has become so popular; it lasts a long time! Budget vinyl siding has the tendency to fail relatively quickly, and on the low end, you can expect vinyl siding to last for 20 or 30 years. However, if you install a quality product and keep up with necessary maintenance, it is conceivable that your siding can last upwards of a half-century. This option is very durable and has a well-deserved reputation.

Fiber Cement

Next up, we have an option that has become increasingly popular over the last few decades; fiber cement. This siding material is beautiful, and many homeowners love the wide array of style and color options it provides. But the real question is how long does fiber cement siding last?

Homeowners will be happy to know that it is, at worst, comparable to vinyl siding. While vinyl siding is a fossil fuel product, fiber cement is organic, which means it is a bit more susceptible to weathering. However, with proper maintenance, fiber cement will last for 50 years at minimum, and potentially much longer under the right conditions.

Cedar Wood Siding

Lastly, let’s examine a siding option that many homeowners love for it’s aesthetic; cedar shake siding. While cedar siding looks fantastic, providing your home with a rustic, rugged exterior, many homeowners are often skeptical of its durability, as it is a wood product and it’s constantly exposed to the elements.

This concern is valid, as its beauty won’t protect it from weathering damage. Cedar siding is less durable than most siding options on the market, with an average lifespan of about 25 years. This, of course, entails proper maintenance along the way, and cleaning up any moldy shingles before they cause damage to your siding at large. If you’re looking for a siding material that will stand the test of time, you can certainly find more durable options!

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Quality Kitchen

Benefits of Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

If you’re considering remodeling your home’s kitchen, you’re probably interested in learning how you can improve the functionality and beauty of the heart of your home. One of the most common additions that homeowners choose to make in their kitchens is adding an island, and for good reason. Building an island in your kitchen can add a ton of resale value and improve the performance of the space. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of adding a kitchen island, keep reading below!

Storage Space

One of the most common reasons that homeowners like to add an island to their kitchens is that it provides the space with additional cabinetry space, in a convenient location. If you don’t have quite enough cabinet space in your kitchen for all of your pots, pans, and accessories, add an island to increase your cabinet space.

Aesthetics & Resale Value

Another reason that homeowners choose to add an island is simply that they look nice. A beautiful kitchen island can serve as the focal point of your kitchen, and it will increase the value of your home in the process! If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your home’s value and the beauty of the space, an island is a fantastic way to do so!

Breakfast Bar

If you have a small kitchen and lack the space for a traditional dining table, a kitchen island can provide you with communal eating space in a pinch. Adding a breakfast bar with stools is an easy addition to any kitchen island and can improve the functionality of your kitchen, giving you a space to eat with your family and friends regardless of whether you have a traditional dining room and table.

More Appliances Without Wasting Counterspace

Particularly in smaller kitchens, one of the limiting factors is the amount of space you have to work with. If you have a large variety of appliances taking up valuable kitchen space, remember that a number of them can be installed straight into your kitchen island. A microwave is a common example of an appliance that may otherwise be sitting on your counter that can easily be added to the side of a kitchen island. You can also add larger appliances such as your dishwasher or an additional stove!

Another Workstation

Finally, one of the most common reasons that homeowners choose to install a kitchen island is that it provides them with another workstation when they’re working on those large meals. With additional counter space, and the potential for another sink in their kitchen, adding an island can easily improve the functionality of your kitchen and allow more people to work on a meal at once!

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Is it Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

No room gets used more actively than in your kitchen. Sure, you spend a third of your life sleeping, but that’s not anything you have to do consciously! Instead, your kitchen usually gets most of your time when not at work or out running errands, and that means it takes a beating over the years. Even with the most conscientious care and caution, a kitchen needs work now and then. So, is it time to remodel the kitchen?

When to Remodel the Kitchen

A few things could point to it being the perfect time to remodel the kitchen. For starters, think about the way you operate while working in the kitchen.

Adequate Space

When cooking or preparing food, you may find yourself running into countertops and appliances more than you would like. Depending on the layout of your kitchen and the materials you use while in that all important room, you might need to remodel your kitchen simply for some more space. Especially when too many cooks get into the kitchen, there are no limitations to a kitchen with more room than you need. If anything, it helps mentally clear your head while you spend time getting ready for meals.


You might have enough space, but an efficient kitchen goes a long way. Anything from more organized appliance layout to a nice cooking island that gives you adequate room to move can really make you more efficient in the kitchen. There are several ways to improve your kitchen’s efficiency, all of which are often simple changes that are way past overdue.


There’s nothing like a kitchen with plenty of counter space. If you are currently using way to much counter space for appliances and even pots and pans, it may be time to remodel with some extra storage. Everything from overhead cabinets to entire pantry extensions can be small ways to make a big change to your kitchen. In more ways than one, the visual aspect of your kitchen really says a lot about your organization. If possible, an extension of storage units in your kitchen can be the fastest and easiest way to make the entire room look more effective.


The kitchen is truly a battleground, and if not prepared, you can feel like you are losing energy and time every time you prepare a meal. Avoid these issues by remodeling your kitchen now. With our help, we can transform your kitchen to a perfect place to cook, prepare meals, and even entertain.


5 Ways to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens merge multiple distinct styles: traditional, rustic, vintage, and cottage too. A classic farmhouse is known for conjuring feelings of coziness and warmth. It has a delicate and classic vibe without being unapproachable or overly fussy.
Farmhouse kitchens are frequently compared to traditional kitchens. Traditional kitchens tend to be kitschier, where farmhouse kitchen is more sophisticated and charming.

  • The color of the Farmhouse: There are no rules for modern farmhouse colors. A winning palette combines natural wood tones, black, and white. Another revealing tale of the farmhouse style is neutral and muted colors. Because most modern kitchen use what they have, pieces were used well, paint finishes got worn, and when broken it got fixed. Things were well cherished. These means colorful pieces got faded, and everything took a conservative and a more neutral tone. Think warm wood, grays, and white tones.
  • Use the Right Decorations: large kitchen design is the foundation of any style, what transforms into the best/perfect farmhouse setting with a little space is the little decoration you incorporate. Here are some samples of the ideal farmhouse kitchen decoration you can incorporate; cotton or linen dishcloths, butcher blocks, china hutch, apron storage rack, wood utensils, glass canisters, mason jars, pot rack, white dishes, fresh flowers, and vintage accents (chairs, vintage stools, old teacups, and wire baskets). Don’t forget to avoid too much clutter with too many
  • Simplicity: A perfect farmhouse is also based on its simplicity. These go back to the economic status of top farmhouse throughout the years. Homesteads and farmhouses often use what they have, and every item used has its purpose. So in perfect farmhouses, you will often see plenty of enamelware and galvanized touches, because they were essential materials that were found on a working farm.
  • Brighten the Kitchen Space with Humble Hardware and White Cabinets: Repainting or installing new cabinets will instantly give the kitchen a nice feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen. Most homeowners often chose to use waterproof, non-toxic, and milk paint that produces an ideal type of finish that looks nice in a farmhouse kitchen. It is also recommended to use non-flashy cabinet hardware. Antique and brushed hardware finishing often evoke the non-intimidating and inviting a feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen.
  • Clean Lines: A perfect farmhouse has one thing in common, which is the clean lines, in both the décor and architecture. And kitchen cabinets are a perfect example. The farmhouse cabinet front is made of the shaker, because of easy construction and clean lines. Working on farmlands is enough for a farming family when it comes to building cabinets, furniture’s, and door frames, and they kept it basic. No fancy finishes, and simple functionality.


In Conclusion, avoid decorations. Also, keep the farmhouse theme tangible and functional. And remember this an opportunity to add your personality into space. For more information about our kitchen services, consider hiring Quality Interior Finishing today!

Top 2019 Kitchen Trends to Get Ready for

The new year brings many exciting changes each year, but did you know that kitchen trends are a part of those exciting changes? Each year we see new styles come and go in the world of interior decorating and designing. Some of those trends last for years to go while others are short-lived but knowing what styles to look out for is the key! These are some of the biggest trends you should be expecting to see in 2019.

Exposed Shelving

We expect shelves to be hidden behind cabinets, but this year that expectation is changing. Open and exposed shelves and hanging racks are gaining popularity thanks to their unique design and easy accessibility. Homeowners love the convenience and style of this trendy option!

Matte is Back

Shiny appliances, cabinetry, and countertops are no longer what the modern homeowner wants. Instead, matte options are rapidly gaining in popularity. Dark matte colors are the most popular choice we’ve seen. If you have kids or pets matte is the perfect option for you because fingerprints and dirt can hardly be seen on the surface!

Bright Color Choices

While dark matte and crisp white kitchens remain popular, many homeowners are in search of color throughout their kitchen. Adding pops of bright color with wall décor, a bright backsplash, handles, and more is a trend on the rise in 2019. This can be seen easily in the choice of gold, and copper metallic cabinet and drawer handles. Copper or gold pops of bright color is a great option for the homeowner looking to make a noticeable, modern upgrade without breaking the bank.
To learn more about what kitchen trends are right for your space in 2019, consult with an interior designer or contractor. They can help you decide which trends will not only modernize your space but make it more functional as well!

Kitchen Trends for 2018

If you’re planning on a remodeling project for 2018, a new kitchen is a great way to increase value to your home. While some people plan to remodel and sell their home, others may just look to upgrade their kitchen. So what’s trending and what should we look into? Here are some of the list we believe you should think about incorporating.

1. Open Shelving.
One of the most popular demands we think that tops the list for 2018. If you’re not looking to spend money on cabinets, an open shelving is a great idea to create more space for the room.

2. Kitchen Islands & Seating.
Islands and seating are excellent centerpieces for gathering your close ones to the kitchen and a convenient way to utilize your kitchen.

3. Copper Finishes.
If you are looking to add style to your kitchen copper is the way forward. From faucets to kitchen cabinet hardware, copper can bring a sleek look to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

4. Smart Technology.
Homeowners are now opting for tech-ready kitchens as smart gadgets and other devices can be added to for convenience to the homeowner.

5. Wood Countertops
For keen chefs, this would be the perfect feature added to the kitchen for 2018. It’s eco-friendly, and it creates a rustic look that would pair up nicely with darker colors.

Picking The Right Tile

If you thought to pick a color to match your room was all there is to tile flooring, think again. There are many things to consider when choosing the right tile for your room. At Quality Interior Finishing, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to get you started.
1. The bigger the tile, the better. Not many people think of this, but having bigger tiles can often make a smaller room appear bigger. Small tiles will cause more maintenance work due to more grout lines.
2. Tile Design. Homeowners often overlook grout but choosing the right grout color can create a different mood to the room for an example, grout color that is as close to the tile as possible can make your tile flooring appear seamless. If you want your tile work to be accentuated, you will need to use a contrasting grout color that will make your tiles pop out.
3. Color. Choosing the color can essentially bring a different set of moods o the room:

Lighter Colors tend to make the atmosphere of the room appear larger
Darker Colors can add warmth
Neutral Colors allow you to change the look and feel of a room with additional accessories
Vibrant Colors add character and are often seen as cheerful

For more information about our tile design and installation services, please feel free to contact our team at Quality Interior Finishing for a free consultation at (781) 344-2433

Benefits of having Window Blinds and Window Shutters

Window coverings are a great addition to beautify your home windows. They’re affordable and come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns which can create a nice ambiance mood to the room that you’re looking for. Window coverings can improve your home’s privacy, help manage sunlight, and boost its energy efficiency. At Quality Interior Finishing, we explain how installing blinds and shutters can benefit you:

Window Shutters.

Window shutters offer many benefits over the traditional window furnishing option. Due to their bespoke finish, shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape. Many window shutters also come with a latch or lock to keep them secure. This provides an extra measure of security for your windows. Shutters are popular to homeowner’s due to the control of the amount of air and sunlight coming into your room, keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in Winter.

Window Blinds

Just like shutters, Window Blinds share many benefits but they differ in terms of design and material. Unlike other window treatments, Blinds are long lasting and do not tear away like the curtains do after a few months. They are simple to clean and don’t require much maintenance. The Faux wood blinds are both good and affordable options to complement best your traditional wooden interiors. Other blind materials are aluminum, plastic, bamboo, normal wood and many others.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home interior, consider hiring Quality Interior Finishing to help and design that perfect room attire that you’ve been looking for!


How to prepare for a remodel

If you are looking to remodel your Kitchen or bathroom, you may want to consider planning before calling your local contractor. A typical project takes around 4-8 weeks for completion so, if you have plans in between, you may want to hold it out for a while. Here are other things homeowners should do and consider beforehand to make the remodeling process easier to manage.

Scheduling your remodeling project.

Timing is critical when planning your renovation project. If you have kids, you may want to start the project in Fall when they go back to school.

Kitchen Remodels.

When we work in the kitchen, our team moves the refrigerator, coffeepot, microwave into a smaller area so that it is still functional for homeowner’s everyday use. We recommend preparing prepped meal or microwave food from time to time as ordering takeout can be pricey.

Think about Pets

Keeping your pets safe is a priority when working on remodeling. With doors always opening and closing, it’s easy for pets to escape and tools in the house can be a hazard for curious pets. Plan and think about doggie daycare, a crate, or a friend who can take of them for a while.

Protect your furniture and clear a path.

Before our team gets started, we sheet off areas and do our best to minimize and contain dirt and dust during construction. Another way to speed up the process, customers can start removing pictures from walls and cover furniture’s that lead to rooms that need to be remodeled.

Investing in a kitchen, bathroom, or flooring project takes time. Consider hiring Quality Interior Finishing to take the stress away and build that dream project you have been waiting for. For more information about Kitchen, Bathroom remodeling or flooring services in Stoughton MA, please feel free to get in touch and contact us at (781) 344-2433

Design tips before remodeling your bathroom

There is so much to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Unless you have a working knowledge of what to expect and what to consider, this can take a while when planning everything out. Fortunately, we have come up with a cheat sheet for you to consider.

  1. Bathroom remodels costs. Before you even start your research and dialing your local contractor, it’s important for you to know how much you can afford, as high-quality materials and the size of the bathroom can quickly add up.
  2. First Impression. Ask any bathroom designers and they will tell you the same thing. The first impression is very important when you enter a bathroom, and the first thing you do not want to see is a toilet because it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. What should you make the focal point? Anything other than a toilet.
  3. By adding ambient and decorative lighting to the bathroom can make the best features stand out.
  4. Corner Sink. A great way not many homeowners think about when creating more space is a corner sink. A corner sink will free up space that you need to make the bathroom appear bigger.
  5. Or covert your tub into a shower. Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a bath? A bathtub takes up most of the space. Converting would be cost-effective because it makes use with space already there and there’s no need to reroute the plumbing.s
  6. Be selective with high-end materials. The bathroom is usually smaller spaces, so spending on a few higher-end materials and finishes can really make an impact to your bathroom.

Our team at Quality Interior Finishing understands how important bathroom investment really is. We want to make sure that we can design and build that perfect bathroom you have always wanted. For more information about home interior services in Stoughton MA, get in touch and contact us at  (781) 344-2433