Common mistakes homeowners make when diying drapes.

Have you ever looked at your windows and thought “it needs some decoration like drapes or something”? Like most homeowners who are looking to add some privacy from neighbors or block out the sun, finding the right type of drapes could be the answer for your windows. But before you go running off to your local home depot or clicking away online, there are many factors you should consider before diying your drapes. Here are some of the common mistakes we’ve encountered from homeowners.

  1. Buying drapes at a local store.

Drapes are a delicate piece of material that can instantly change the mood and feel to the room. Instead of buying drapes from a local store that does not specialize primarily on drapes, research online for a custom window design treatment store near you. You will immediately see the difference in terms of quality and detail that will compliment your windows the way you had envisioned.

  1. Not measuring the window correctly.

There is nothing more frustrating when diying in general than measuring something and in the result came out inaccurate. When it comes to windows, you want to make sure you are not only using an appropriate tape measure but also keep in mind where exactly you want your drapes to set and if your windows can support it.

  1. Choosing the wrong color.

Drapes need attention and choosing the wrong color could drastically set the wrong mood to the room. A helpful tip is seeing what other colors and pattern are around the room, pillows, rugs, and wall color can help you understand what color is needed that does not clash with everything. If you are unsure what color works best, we have a highly detailed design team that can provide multiple options that can make your drapes stand out like it’s meant to.

Finding the perfect drapes is not an easy task. Let Quality Interior Finishing be the ones to help de-stress your interior worries and call now at (781) 344-2433!