5 Ways to Create the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens merge multiple distinct styles: traditional, rustic, vintage, and cottage too. A classic farmhouse is known for conjuring feelings of coziness and warmth. It has a delicate and classic vibe without being unapproachable or overly fussy.
Farmhouse kitchens are frequently compared to traditional kitchens. Traditional kitchens tend to be kitschier, where farmhouse kitchen is more sophisticated and charming.

  • The color of the Farmhouse: There are no rules for modern farmhouse colors. A winning palette combines natural wood tones, black, and white. Another revealing tale of the farmhouse style is neutral and muted colors. Because most modern kitchen use what they have, pieces were used well, paint finishes got worn, and when broken it got fixed. Things were well cherished. These means colorful pieces got faded, and everything took a conservative and a more neutral tone. Think warm wood, grays, and white tones.
  • Use the Right Decorations: large kitchen design is the foundation of any style, what transforms into the best/perfect farmhouse setting with a little space is the little decoration you incorporate. Here are some samples of the ideal farmhouse kitchen decoration you can incorporate; cotton or linen dishcloths, butcher blocks, china hutch, apron storage rack, wood utensils, glass canisters, mason jars, pot rack, white dishes, fresh flowers, and vintage accents (chairs, vintage stools, old teacups, and wire baskets). Don’t forget to avoid too much clutter with too many
  • Simplicity: A perfect farmhouse is also based on its simplicity. These go back to the economic status of top farmhouse throughout the years. Homesteads and farmhouses often use what they have, and every item used has its purpose. So in perfect farmhouses, you will often see plenty of enamelware and galvanized touches, because they were essential materials that were found on a working farm.
  • Brighten the Kitchen Space with Humble Hardware and White Cabinets: Repainting or installing new cabinets will instantly give the kitchen a nice feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen. Most homeowners often chose to use waterproof, non-toxic, and milk paint that produces an ideal type of finish that looks nice in a farmhouse kitchen. It is also recommended to use non-flashy cabinet hardware. Antique and brushed hardware finishing often evoke the non-intimidating and inviting a feeling of a perfect farmhouse kitchen.
  • Clean Lines: A perfect farmhouse has one thing in common, which is the clean lines, in both the décor and architecture. And kitchen cabinets are a perfect example. The farmhouse cabinet front is made of the shaker, because of easy construction and clean lines. Working on farmlands is enough for a farming family when it comes to building cabinets, furniture’s, and door frames, and they kept it basic. No fancy finishes, and simple functionality.


In Conclusion, avoid decorations. Also, keep the farmhouse theme tangible and functional. And remember this an opportunity to add your personality into space. For more information about our kitchen services, consider hiring Quality Interior Finishing today!

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